Book written by Tatiana Botkin

A Book Over One Hundred Years Old, Fragile and Falling Apart

Once again I find myself with a conundrum, and once again it has to do with something I have inherited, a book so fragile it is already falling apart. In 1921 Tatiana Melnik, neé Botkin, published a book about her memories of the Russian Imperial Family and members of the

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Ipatief House Ekaterinburg

An ancient motif; the swastika – lucky charm of Empress Alexandra

It is apparently common knowledge that Empress Alexandra of Russia believed the swastika to be lucky. However, I didn’t know that until I began to look through old French magazines which I inherited. It makes sense though as, according to my grandmother Olga Woronoff, the Empress was deeplyreligious but also

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Grand Duchess Olga and Grand Duchess Tatiana

More than a remote connection; corresponding with OTMA

OTMA – was the acronym the daughters of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia gave themselves; it was taken from the first letters of their Christian names – Olga, Tatiana, Maria and Anastasia. Four Grand Duchesses, four beautiful young women whose lives were cut short some 104 years ago. Four girls

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