Posts about both sides of my family

Wherever there’s a family, there’s a family tree

One thing I had to consider when updating my grandmother’s memoir Upheaval, was whether or not to include a family tree. My grandmother had included a list of the important characters at the beginning of her memoir, but I thought a family tree would be better, as it would not

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Book written by Tatiana Botkin

A Book Over One Hundred Years Old, Fragile and Falling Apart

Once again I find myself with a conundrum, and once again it has to do with something I have inherited, a book so fragile it is already falling apart. In 1921 Tatiana Melnik, neé Botkin, published a book about her memories of the Russian Imperial Family and members of the

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Unidentified Fircks photograph

The frustrations of old unidentified family photographs

Is there anything more frustrating than inheriting a lot of family photographs which are not identifiable? I almost think it is worse to have photographs which only have one word on the back – and especially when that word is illegible. Such is the case with the photograph above. On

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