Time, what we want most

Yesterday it dawned on me that, if I’m lucky and if my family history is anything to go by, I have perhaps another 30 years on this planet; if I’m not lucky, I could die tomorrow… or today. Thirty years to do all the things I would like to do. It is not a huge amount of time.

It is said that there are those who find the time to do the things they want to do, and those who make excuses for failing to find the time. From today, I’m planning on being one of the former. If I can find a way to squeeze a little bit more into my day, I will. Without realising it, I’ve already started. All those books I’ve been meaning to read forever – I’ve started to download them to my Kindle and the time I spend on trams, trains and buses, going to and from work, is now spent reading. Learning German and Russian has been on top of my list for a very long time; downloading Duolingo to my phone means I can spend twenty minutes or so each day learning vocabulary and simple phrases.

However, I’ve also decided that the short time I have left is better spent doing things which excite me, or teach me, or enthuse me; rather than the things which are merely dull or repetitive. Of course, I still must work but I can also ensure that part of each day is spent in an activity which I enjoy. It might be something as minor as reading a book, or researching a subject which interests me or cooking some new recipe; or it could be as exciting as travelling to a new destination, going to a show, or enjoying the company of friends. Instead of a bucket list, I’m going to think of this as my daily list.

Today, I’m off to attend several events at the Melbourne Writers Festival. I selected each of these events as they pertain either to my writing, or my family or both. I’m looking forward to learning new things and considering old knowledge from a new perspective. I’m looking forward to the buzz of a festival, the friends I’ll catch up with and the chance to meet people who are as interested in writing as I am.

And tomorrow… I will be reading new books and enjoying my weekly Kundalini yoga session. I will also start planning for each of my future daily lists. Suddenly, I’m feeling energised.

In the words of William Penn, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” I hope I begin to use my remaining time well.

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