Plagiarism; or shall we say theft?

Plagiarism is a hot topic at the moment in the Australian literary scene.

Plagiarism is also the reason I have not written a blog post for a couple of months.

In late April someone shared with me a Facebook post about my grandfather. Naturally I clicked on the link and read… the exact words I had written in one of my blog posts! The plagiariser had not even bothered to change the pronouns – so it looked as if she was writing about her own grandfather!

It is never ok to copy someone else’s work and try to pass it off as your own. I try very hard to acknowledge the work of others, and I expect others to do the same with my work.

I was very angry. I tried to leave a comment but the plagiariser had turned off comments and was also not accepting message requests. So I went into writing hibernation while I tried to come up with a solution.

Apparently there is no way to completely stop anyone from plagiarising my blog posts. However, I am working on making it more difficult for them to do so.

I do not mind anyone sharing my stories, but I do want to be acknowledged as the creator. Share links to my website, my Facebook page, my Instagram and Twitter, but please do not copy and paste my words and then try to pass them off as your own!

And now for some lighter news! I have been working on a project about my grandparents and their lives in Russia. I am in the final stages and hope to soon let you know what it is and when it will be ready. I am very excited about it and I hope everyone who follows me and subscribes to my website will be too!

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  1. Mike Berglund

    Dear Alex, I’m sorry that happened to you. Seems like Facebook could have helped. Mike

  2. Celia Jelbart

    I am grateful to read a blog, and now understand the delay in another coming. That is so very very sad, and the evidence of failing to change the pronouns is helpful in telling others, but not in the actions of the person.
    I hope it does not happen to you again.
    Very interested to read about the next step in the fruition of your efforts.

  3. JBee

    I had noticed that you hadn’t posted in a while and now understand. I’m so sorry to hear about the dishonest plagiarism of your work. I too would be very upset. I do wonder if Facebook could help? Best of luck!

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