5 Ways I Discovered More About My Family History

When I decided to begin my family history search, in an attempt to learn more about my ancestors, I was not sure where to begin. Naturally, I fired up my computer and began to search Google for ideas and information. I was taken aback at just how many genealogy websites are out there. What I was
looking for was something simple to start with, a short guide on where to begin and suggestions on how to go about searching for my family history and the stories of my ancestors.

I never did find the resource I was looking for, so I wrote it!

5 Ways I Discovered More About My Family History, and what I wish I had done, is a short ebook, available to purchase in pdf format on my website.

In my ebook I describe five different methods I used to find out more about my ancestors and my family history. From having conversations with relatives and close friends, to making connections with
other people and organisations who are also involved in genealogical research, I detail what I did and what I wish I had done. I have also included a checklist at the end of the ebook which will hopefully help readers tick off the steps they take on their own family history journeys.

Although I have been discovering more about my family history for some time now, the journey never really ends. I am still keen on uncovering the stories of my ancestors, which can be quite elusive at times. There are times I have been tricked by my ancestors, who blatantly lied on official documents, and other times when I have found it simply too difficult to track down any information at all. That doesn’t mean I am planning to give up, it just makes the journey a bit more challenging.

If you are just beginning your family history journey, or are searching for more information on your ancestors, perhaps my ebook will be of use.

Wherever you are in your family history journey, I wish you the best of luck and happy researching!

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