What She Did Not Say – An Unfinished Memoir Part I

I have decided to write my memories of my youth, my life and now my “senior” years so that you will know your mother better. So begins the memoir my mother started but never finished. It is handwritten on just three pages of a notebook which was once thick. I

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Yesterday’s News

You never really know what you are going to find when you begin to search the archives of newspapers. This past week I have uncovered a few treasures. At the beginning of the week I used Trove to find more information on an Australian WWI soldier who I am researching

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Difficulties in Childbirth

I am the only child of an only child. I know of several reasons why I have no siblings. I know my father, after his experiences during WWII, decided not to bring any children into a world which could create such misery and destruction. Before he agreed to marry her,

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