Rule 1: You must leave the house

After publicly announcing my desire to find a partner (see my last post) I’ve done remarkably little about it. I haven’t rejoined any of the dating sites I tried out years ago. I gave up on them when the replies I received came from men who obviously hadn’t read what I was like or looking for. It was too frustrating to continue. Just today I’ve deleted three emails offering me special deals to find that special man.

I’ve been told I should go out more, be more social, meet more people, attend more functions. However, I haven’t taken the advice, and this week I’ve gone directly home from work, stopping only to buy groceries on the way. But where should I go, how do I meet people? These days I don’t want to meet someone who spends his leisure hours in a bar or club. Where do the single men I want to meet hang out?

A part of me still believes in love at first sight, in accidentally being in the same place as the one you are supposed to meet and fall for. It has happened to other people. Apparently Matt Damon saw the woman who would become his wife from across a room and immediately fell in love with her. The same thing happened to Matthew McConaughey when he first saw Camila Alves. So, it can happen, hopefully not just to celebrities. Now it just has to happen to me. I guess I do need to get out though, so I can walk into that room where my future partner will see me, and we will fall in love with each other, at first sight of course.

First, I must find that room. I hope I will find it at a writer’s talk, perhaps at the Wheeler Centre, or during the Melbourne Writer’s Festival, maybe at the State Library. Or it is possible the room could be one of the art galleries I plan to visit. It is not unimaginable that the room could be outdoors, at the beach, on a hot summer’s day. Wherever the room is, I do realise I have to make a move to find it. Sitting at my front window dreaming about it is not going to bring a partner any closer to finding me, or me him.

In the meantime, there are writer’s talks to attend, galleries to view, book launches to go to and plenty of sand on the beaches to walk on.

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