Fearing Fear Itself

Lately, the world seems to have shifted slightly on its axis. It appears many people are now leaning toward prejudice, hatred, bigotry and oppression. I don’t believe this is a sudden movement, nor do I believe it is a contemporary development. There is always some place on earth where someone is oppressed, or hated, or flung into battle against someone else. But at this point in time, it feels as if there is a gathering cloud of fear descending among all of us.

The more our world bleeds from the effects of war, terror, natural disasters and epidemics; the more fear rises around us, threatening to take over. Some of us fear the floods of refugees who in turn fear the horror of conflict. Some of us fear the terrorists, who say they fear nothing but I doubt that is true. There are those who live near fault lines or active volcanoes or in areas prone to earthquakes, who fear the loss of their homes and perhaps loved ones. Epidemics cause fear to flourish. The AIDs epidemic saw millions of people turn against their own. The ICE epidemic attacks family and friends alike.

In the middle of fear, there is still hope. There are still enough of us around who believe we can set the world back to a position of strength. Some of us protest, some of us donate time or money to causes which we feel strongly about. Some of us write to our politicians, or become involved in politics at all levels. Some of us preach, some of us pray. There isn’t one right way to dispense with fear but I believe we can all lead by example, being inclusive and loving. The least we can do is offer assistance to those who need and remember to smile at everyone.

And there are programs out there which really do make a difference. We just have to work out how to bring them to the attention of those who can implement them.

Recently I’ve begun to meditate daily. While researching different methods of meditation, I came across the Maharishi Effect http://bit.ly/2jzsuzp which in effect has shown that, if just one percent of the community’s population practice group Transcendental Meditation, the calming energy generated would influence the entire community, increasing peace and harmony. It has even been found to reduce crime rates. There have been many studies and lots of research which proves this effect. So, why aren’t there more communities practicing TM? It seems to me a harmless way to reduce fear.

Another article which caught my eye described programs put in place by Iceland to reduce teen substance abuse http://ab.co/2jhaFnB These programs don’t appear to be too difficult to put into place. Yes, they would need Government money, but surely it would be a better thing to put money behind preventative programs than to pour money into band aid solutions?

There are a whole lot of people out there who are hurting and afraid. There are so many ways we can make a difference. Let’s choose to reduce fear.

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