Moments in Time

Blogs which describe moments in my life, or the lives of my family.


After his death, the task of sorting through my father’s possessions was both daunting and confronting. He was quite the hoarder and filled every cupboard, every shelf and every drawer with “things”. Whether it was from need, necessity or compulsion he kept almost everything which made its way into the

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It was 2012 and my father lay dying. By the time I got home he was dead. My eldest son almost made it to the hospital in time. He called me as soon as he got there. I broke the news to my other two sons and we cried. I

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Where were you?

I was on my way home after dinner with a friend, when I heard of David Bowie’s death. We had eaten Vietnamese and drank a bottle of passable Riesling. On the tram I opened Twitter for something to do and there they were, the constant stream of Tweets on Bowie’s

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The beginning

My best writing comes directly after a catalyst, some sort of trigger which, when pulled, catapults my words onto the page like shots from an automatic machine gun. In the case of my first book, the one I am currently working on, the trigger was the death of my father.

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Happy new blog!

I promised myself to start a blog in 2016, so here it is. Stay tuned while I work my way through the process!

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