Moments in Time

Blogs which describe moments in my life, or the lives of my family.

Tell Me a Story

“Story is the song line of a person’s life. We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the singing. Story told. Story heard. Story written. Story read creates the web of life in words.” Christina Baldwin As a child and even as a teenager, I remember asking

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Writing and Reading about History

Until today it didn’t dawn on me that I am writing a memoir which could be termed historical. In my mind, my manuscript could be memoir or biography or autobiography or even creative non-fiction, but more than that, I haven’t thought about. My manuscript begins with the death of my

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Genetic Genealogy – should you be scared of the data gathered?

If, like me, you have ordered one or more DNA tests through organisations such as 23andme, Ancestry or My Heritage, have you thought about who can access your data? Should you be frightened of who can use the data to identify you? Did you even realise that organisations such as the police are,

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Fascinated with Family History

I’ve always been fascinated with family history. The genealogy of both sides of my family interests me but it is the history and the stories which arouse my curiosity. I am always searching for the unique stories of my ancestors, the stories which explain their way of life and the

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Last weekend I went, with a friend, to the MOMA exhibition at the NGV. Billed as an international exclusive, the exhibition contains more than 200 works by influential nineteenth and twentieth century artists, as well as works by noteworthy artists from the twenty-first century. I was a bit wary, as

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How Astrology Affected My Father’s Life

I believe this quote from Wayne Dyer was very true of my father and the way he lived his life. My father didn’t often tell me stories of his childhood or youth but several times he told me the story of when his father decided to get astrological charts done

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