Too Little Time

Sunday and I’m trying to work out how Saturday disappeared so quickly. Where are the stories I was going to write? What happened to Saturday? Not to mention the twelve hours of Sunday which have already managed to vanish.

I started the weekend so well. I spent Friday afternoon cleaning so I could have the entire weekend to myself for writing. Except I forgot about shopping. For a few hours on Saturday I thought I could get away without shopping. I did a yoga session to wake myself up and prepare for a day at the computer. I discovered muscles I didn’t know existed, let alone existed in my body. So, I had a warm shower. Except I had forgotten I had left cleaning the shower until now because it is no use cleaning it until you are in it. So, I got out of the shower to get the cleaning implements. Then I remembered I had meant to light the candle in my bathroom while I was cleaning, to counteract the cleaning smells. So, once again, I got out of the shower, found the lighter and lit the candle. Finally, shower clean, myself clean and bathroom smelling scented, I put the coffee on and made breakfast, noting it was now closer to noon than I had hoped.

Breakfast completed, dishes stored in the dishwasher and computer turned on. So far so good. Emails cascaded in, including one which informed me my Kindle should be updated. Excellent. I fetched my Kindle, turned it on, plugged it in and made sure it was connected to the Wi-Fi as it was then supposed to download itself. Nothing. I fiddled with cords, connections and settings. Nothing. I decided to download the upgrade from the computer. When I clicked on the link my computer told me I had to look for an app on the store to open it. An hour of searching for suitable apps, reading reviews on programs which could open the specific file and I was no wiser. So, back to the Amazon website, found the help section and opened a chat box. No doubt the helper in the box had an infinite amount of patience as she guided me through various options. Finally, she asked me to press Settings, from the main menu on my Kindle, then Settings again to find the Update your Kindle button. It was an “ah ha” moment. Who knew you had to press Settings twice? If I had known it in the first place, I wouldn’t have just spent three wasted hours!


Time to write. Except now I was hungry again and realised, upon opening the fridge, there was nothing to eat, which was when I remembered I had decided not to shop. So, I found my list, grabbed the shopping bags and headed off to the supermarket. It was a lovely day which warranted a walk to the supermarket and with heavy bags, a ride home on the tram. I raced through the aisles grabbing most of the things on my list. Some of them I either couldn’t find or they didn’t have. Much of the time I spent trying to dodge the other shoppers with their wildly careening carts and screaming children. I managed to get out the door just as a tram was coming and then home to unpack.

Of course, once you have bought the groceries and planned dinner, you then should cook. It was still early afternoon, so I decided it would be better to do some research in the way of reading, before starting on the evening meal. I set myself up on my day bed, with some biscuits and cheese and opened my book.

Several hours later I realised it was getting late and I should get dinner under way. I set myself up in the kitchen with the meat and the vegetables and began to heat the oven, chop and whip up a roast beef with a myriad of roast vegetables. Easy. More time for reading before dinner. A glass of red to smooth out the evening, then dinner watching the news, then flicking through the channels to see if there was anything worth watching. There wasn’t. So, off to bed with my book.

And there you go. Before you even realise it you have gone yet another day without writing. Too little time, or too much to do, or just bad time management?

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