Christmas tree

My Grandparents in France – celebrating Christmas in exile

I am slowly transcribing notes my grandmother, Olga Woronoff, née Countess Kleinmichel, wrote over the years. The other day I came across this story which must have taken place on Christmas Eve 1921, somewhere in the South of France. I have narrowed it down to 1921 as there is no

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Christmas Tree Traditions

When I was a child, we always had real Christmas trees. My father, my mother and I would drive to a Christmas tree farm to choose the perfect tree. My father would carry it into our apartment and place it carefully in the stand which my mother had set up

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Two weeks until Christmas

I have absolutely no idea what to blog about today. So, I thought I would write about how close we are to Christmas and how ill prepared I am. Two weeks to go and I’ve only just put my Christmas tree on the mantelpiece. Yes, you read it correctly. My

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