Mother of the Groom

As the mother of three boys I am conscious of the choices they make, especially when it comes to choosing partners. I can only hope they choose someone who they love and who loves them back, but also someone who I can get along with. I am mindful that I

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Me and My Boys

Nowadays it isn’t often I get to spend time with all my three sons, together at the same place. Especially as my middle son lives in Western Australia and my eldest son is over an hour’s drive away in Gippsland. However, this weekend saw middle son fly to Melbourne to

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My boys and I when we were all so much younger

On being a mother

As an only child and the daughter of an only child, I grew up without siblings or cousins. We moved house many times during my childhood which was hardly the best foundation for building friendships. I longed for a big family. I yearned for large, noisy family gatherings at Sunday

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