Baltic German

A Man Does What He Must

“A man does what he must,” begins a quote by Winston Churchill. Remembering my father’s stories, those six words seem to sum up his life. He lived much of his younger days hemmed in by rules and regulations, mostly unwritten, but always inflexible. He was brought up by his father

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Multiple Marriages – a family trait?

Being married more than once seems to be a familiar pattern for the males on both sides of my family. On my father’s side, my great grandfather, Otto v. Fircks, was married twice. On 10 January 1854 he married Catharina Hilda v. Oelsen, who died in 1868. On 29 April

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Adapting to Modernity

There was good news and bad news when I discovered “Adapting to Modernity” by Heide W Whelan in the library. The good news, apart from the fact it is in English, was that it is the best resource I’ve found so far in my research about my father’s family. The

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