I’m not sure there is anything more wonderful than holding a sleeping baby, especially when their fingers curl around the top of your shirt and they relax into the deepest of sleeps with a sigh. Unless it is the sudden rush of a toddler as he appears from nowhere and unexpectedly jumps into your arms, sending you rolling backward on the couch. There are always moments to cherish; the splashes at bath time, the food covered face, reading the same book twenty two times and then just one more, baby feet kicking your stomach, the six week old head butting you when you put him on your shoulder, the tears and tantrums, the cuddles, the baby smells, the kisses, I could go on and on.

I’ve been missing from blogging while I’ve been spending time with my adorable grandsons, one nearly two and the other six weeks old. The older one with so much energy and the younger with colicky pains, that by the end of each day all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and recover. Writing certainly took a backward role for the last twelve days. To be honest, it had no role at all.

I had never imagined the pure joy grandchildren would bring me. I was an impatient parent who was simply trying to survive. Now I can enjoy every minute I spend with my grandsons. Those small arms reaching up to you, asking to be lifted and held; that sudden grin; those chuckles; the grumpy look which turns into smiles with a story, and that’s just the toddler. I had to work hard for smiles from the six week old, but every one of them was precious, and his frowns were just as cute. I can’t wait till he is old enough to jump on me too.

It’s hard to leave them. Difficult to know they will have changed so much by the time I get to see them again, not until next year sometime. But I’m so happy I had this time with them making memories.

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  1. Carol Simpson

    Well written, and so true!

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