Finding my passion

Lately I’ve been wondering what I’m passionate about. It sounds silly doesn’t it? You would think I would know the answer. But passion is a strong word and I’m not sure I feel so strongly about anything. I can’t help thinking it would be wonderful to work at something you love, something which fulfils you, something which you leap out of bed for. It’s time for me to find that thing because I have no idea what it is.

Friends of mine suggested my passion lies with writing. I do like writing, but I don’t feel enthusiastic about it every single day. As anyone can see from the sporadic nature of my blog, I often don’t feel motivated to write anything at all. Most of the time I find writing incredibly difficult. The rest of the time it is fun but it’s not a money-making option for me. I can’t turn a tap on whenever someone wants words to flow.

I am definitely passionate about research. I love finding out more about my family and the history which surrounded them. I also enjoy searching for information on health and wellbeing, where it pertains to me. It doesn’t necessarily follow that I would enjoy researching something else.

I love to read. If I can successfully ignore the things I should be doing, like housework, I can easily do nothing except read all day long. A large proportion of my reading is research for my writing, but I do appreciate good writing in different genres, especially memoir, biography and crime.

What else am I passionate about? Apart from my family and friends, I have no idea. Although there are a few things I enjoy.

I enjoy watching television. I am fairly selective though, I mostly watch home renovation shows and crime. And news of course. I am fond of the Scandinavian noir crime series as well as many of the British ones. I also like “Who do You Think You Are?” mostly because of my interest in genealogy. I tend to tape everything and then binge watch, leaving the rest of the week for other pursuits.

I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, especially if they are gluten and dairy free, and vegetarian. As I type, there is a red lentil dahl with vegetables simmering in my slow cooker.

I am always invigorated by a yoga session and I make meditation part of my daily routine. I love weekends because I have time for extended sessions of both.

So that’s it. And, even after writing all this down, I’m still not certain what I’m passionate about, what would motivate me to go to work. If you have any thoughts, let me know.

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