October 2019

Across the Years from Childhood – a Collage of Family Photos

I am lucky that despite war, revolution and immigration, old photographs from my maternal family have survived. I do not know how some of these photos made it through the Russian Revolution. I do not know who grabbed them and threw them in their luggage as they were fleeing Russia.

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A Fading Memento from Decades Ago – How strange is this?

I remember a friend once telling me that, after the deaths of her parents, she found only an empty envelope in their safety deposit box. I found rubber bands and paper clips in the safety deposit box my parents had, although I admit that wasn’t all that was in there.

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Old Photographs, Russian Costumes and Mysterious Men

These two photographs are amongst countless I have inherited from my mother’s side of the family. So many of them are not identified at all. Luckily my mother wrote on the back of these two, unluckily she only gives half the story. The photograph on the left has the least

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