September 2018


Last weekend I went, with a friend, to the MOMA exhibition at the NGV. Billed as an international exclusive, the exhibition contains more than 200 works by influential nineteenth and twentieth century artists, as well as works by noteworthy artists from the twenty-first century. I was a bit wary, as

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How Astrology Affected My Father’s Life

I believe this quote from Wayne Dyer was very true of my father and the way he lived his life. My father didn’t often tell me stories of his childhood or youth but several times he told me the story of when his father decided to get astrological charts done

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My Highlights from #MWF2018

I was lucky enough to be able to take this week off work to attend Melbourne Writers Festival events and to have time to continue with my own writing. This year’s MWF theme was “A Matter of Life and Death” and the program was unlike any of the previous festivals

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