March 2018

4 Ways to research your family history

Ask your family. I’m lucky. My cousin on my father’s side of the family compiled a comprehensive genealogy of our family, wrote books on the subject and developed several family trees. My aunt wrote a journal which, despite being in German, is a valuable resource for me. I’ve also asked

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Five Sure-fire Excuses for not Writing this Weekend

1) Cleaning. This is my best and most often used excuse. Granted the bathroom did need cleaning but it could have waited a couple more days. In fact, I could have kept the cleaning to the shower, as the rest of the bathroom looked alright. However, once I start, I

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Finding my passion

Lately I’ve been wondering what I’m passionate about. It sounds silly doesn’t it? You would think I would know the answer. But passion is a strong word and I’m not sure I feel so strongly about anything. I can’t help thinking it would be wonderful to work at something you

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