November 2016

What is flourishing in your life?

If you pay attention to something it will flourish. Plants grow if they are tended and nourished, as do children. But attention doesn’t discriminate between good and bad. Pay attention to a naughty child, focus on their tantrums and bad behaviour, and the naughtiness and the tantrums will also increase.

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I am Woman – thank you Helen Reddy

Whenever I face challenges, or hard times, or stressful situations, I often turn to music to restore, soothe and lift me up again. The song I listen to the most, especially when I feel literally trampled on, is Helen Reddy’s “I am Woman” It is a song which not

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Dream or Nightmare

I finally picked up a copy of Geoff Dyer’s “Out of Sheer Rage”, spurred along by Lee Kofman’s article, on which I commented last month. It was a book I had wanted to read ever since I saw Geoff Dyer speak at the Melbourne Writers Festival this year. In

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