October 2016

Too Little Time

Sunday and I’m trying to work out how Saturday disappeared so quickly. Where are the stories I was going to write? What happened to Saturday? Not to mention the twelve hours of Sunday which have already managed to vanish. I started the weekend so well. I spent Friday afternoon cleaning

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Writer to Writer

Last night I met up with a fellow writer and friend, to have a couple of wines at one or two of the eclectic Melbourne bars which are well worth hunting for. It was too noisy for us in the “Olde Worlde” tavern with the guitar duo belting out pub

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I read, therefore…

Many different views were presented in all forms of media on the speech given by Lionel Shriver at the Brisbane Writers Festival. It is not my intention to add to the various eloquent articles already written. However, the piece written by Sonia Orchard, which I share here has certainly made

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