May 2016

Are beliefs inherited?

Last Sunday I was struck down with gastro flu, a distinctly uncomfortable illness which saw me running to the bathroom in between snatches of feverish sleep. By Monday I recovered enough to sit up in bed, read a little and think a lot. Naturally I pondered on my recent illness

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My mother

Mother’s Day

Every family celebrates special days in various ways and Mother’s Day is no different. Some families gather in cafés for breakfast or brunch. They might meet in restaurants or pubs for lunch or dinner. Other families get together in their mother’s home, or they might bring their mother into their

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What is my writing goal?

After years of writing followed by months of rewriting, cutting, pasting, more rewriting and changing direction in my manuscript numerous times, I have asked myself what I want to achieve from all of this effort. What would be the ultimate happy ending for me and for my writing? It isn’t

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